Friday, 5 October 2007

TV worth watching

It's fair to say that the left has taken some time to make the most of the internet.

The right stole a march with internet TV but now I'm glad to say we've finally caught up with the launch of CampaignTV. (I'll declare an interest - they're friends of mine and I've been given then some programming advice.)

It hosts a selection of films and shows from on issues from a left wing viewpoint. If you have a few minutes then please watch their film on How to Beat the BNP.

It tells the story of Labour's successful campaign to stop the BNP gaining more seats in Sandwell in the West Midlands. In 2006 they won three seats, bringing the BNP group on the council up to four. This year they reckoned to make further gains and stood in 15 seats.

In the end NONE of the 15 candidates got elected, Labour majorities in the target seats INCREASED ten times over and the total BNP vote dropped by a third. This was down to tactics like making and distributing 7000 DVDs showing how Labour had benefited Sandwell to target wards. It was a combined effort from Labour, my union Amicus-Unite, local teachers, religious leaders and the Hope Not Hate campaign.

Just shows what we can do when we keep it local and work together.
Click here to watch it and be inspired.


parburypolitica said...

Hi David,

I would be interested in finding out who is behind CampaignTV. It's about time the left got its own version of doughty street. Though from what I have seen of it it looks like it has a lot higher production values


Will Parbury

David Prescott said...

Hi Will,

A mate of mine called Gez Sagar is behind it, Labour's former chief press officer.

Admittedly they don't have an Ashcroft or Stefan Shakespeare bankrolling them, but they do have Millwall's chairman on the board!

Find out more here:

parburypolitica said...

Well the rumour was the CIA was funding 18DS. Seriously the even the CIA has better things to spend its money on than that

Cheers me dears as they say in the West Country