Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Chip Spice. Hull's Marmite. Discuss

I remember it well. Before Ronald McDonald came to Hull, Yankee Burger was the only proper burger bar in the city.( I don't count the Bun in the Oven - though it had by far the better name.)

I never cared about the burgers, but my god the chips! The seasoning was like nothing I'd tasted before. Who'd have thought the subtle blend of paprika, tomato, garlic and salt would be so popular.

I personally think there's a direct correlation to the increase in childhood obestity in Hull and Yankee Burger's introduction of chip spice in the early 80s.
You can't buy it down in London - requests are met with quizzical and somewhat pitying looks.

The reason I mention chip spice is that it's the subject of a very amusing thread on Facebook in the group "It's Never Dull in Hull" which now has 1,840 members.

It's amazing how the little things provoke the biggest response - a thread on axing the Humber Bridge debt has only had one posting whilst "Chip spice - the Hull equivelent of Marmite: Love it, or hate it?" has had 77!


Anonymous said...

I loved chip spice!

Summo said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm Yankeeland

Tony said...

The small Irish town I come from has a chip shop called "The Humble Spud" when I was growing up.

When some Chinese people moved to the town 10 years ago to open a Chinese take away - they thought a funny name was appropriate - so called their place "Wok this way".