Monday, 17 September 2007

Please sir, can I have some more?

What a mess the Lib Dems have made of scrapping universal free school meals for primary school pupils in Hull.
Educationalists from around the world closely observed Labour's pioneering programme. The stigma was taken away from claiming a FSM and take-up shot up to 90%.
And the evidence of improvement was overwhelming.
The University of Hull evaluation of the programme found that not only did take up go through the roof but the kids had healthy meals, were better behaved and performed better in class.
Now today the Hull Daily Mail shows the rank incompetence of Lib Dems meddling.
For a family with three kids who just miss out on qualifying but are still on low pay, that's an extra £70 a month to find from a tight budget.
But what sticks in my gullet is that the Lib Dems factored to save £1m by doing two things:
1 A reduced meal uptake of 46% (cutting those having healthy meals by a half) and
2 Sacking dinner ladies because there'd be less kids to serve.

That's a bit like cutting waiting times at a hospital by closing the hospital!

Roll on May!

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