Friday, 4 April 2008

High Noon

I'm really pleased to see that my good friend Tracy Noon has been chosen to stand for Labour in Hull's Ings ward in May.

I was honoured to have Tracy and her mum and dad help me in my campaign. She has made a massive difference to the lives of children on the Ings Estate by setting up East Hull Urban Arts - an after-school club where she teaches drama and music to 180 kids. Take a look below.

Our city and party desperately need more people like Tracy; passionate activists who are prepared to slog their guts out to improve the outcomes of those less fortunate than themselves.

This is a woman who campaigned so hard during one local election that her feet actually bled from the amount of canvassing she did. Now THAT'S committed.

So I'll definitely be back up to knock on doors for her in the next few weeks.

Good luck Tracy - you'll make an excellent councillor.

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Supporter said...

I just want to congratulate Tracy Noon on all her hard work in both setting up East Hull Urban Arts and the difference to the lives of hundreds of children her and the rest of the team are making to these kids. Lets hope she is given the chance to improve the lives of the people of Ings .... It's about time we had a local voice who is sincere to the people of Ings. Well done Tracy and good look.