Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sofa, so good

Sad to hear Fiona Phillips is finally leaving GMTV.

I worked with Fi at GMTV for six years I can testify that those morning starts and overnights are an absolute killer. Lord knows how she's managed 14 years

I remember getting calls from hacks after she and Martin sneaked off to get married in Las Vegas in 1997. I thought it was a wind up but when I rang Frizz, discovered it was true after all. I seem to recall he was a bit worried that people might think they were being a bit LA LA but they never did.

I have fond memories of GM (I met my lovely wife there) and have an awful lot of respect for Fi. She's a very canny and shrewd interviewer and broke the news that Diana had died to millions of viewers.

My twopenneth? I think Frizz and the director of programmes Peter McHugh - who gave me my first break in TV - should get a new presenter in. It's still a great show and even more than the Today programme helps shape the news agenda for the day.

Fi and Eammon were a fantastic double act - and very good journalists - but I think the show's lost a bit of sparkle since they split up. Chemistry is very important - you can't fake it.

She'll be a hard act to follow.

So enjoy the lie ins, Fi - and welcome to the rest of your life.

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