Sunday, 29 June 2008

Can we have seconds?

I'm really looking forward to Warwick 2 if today's Guardian report is anything to go by.

Unite want workers to have better access to workplace leave, USDAW want to extend lifelong leaerning opportunities at work and the GMB want to introduce 'green' shop stewards to encourage greener offices and factories.

But I'm really delighted to see that Unison is backing free school meals for ALL primary children.

Regular readers will probably know I bore for Britain on this subject.

The previous Labour administration in Hull pioneered this with its
'Eat Well, Do Well scheme' with impressive results - average school meal uptake went up from 35% to more than 73% and teachers reported calmer classes.

It's also key to getting kids into healthy eating habits that could last a life time.

At a time of rising bills, food prices and childcare costs, anything that helps towards easing the financial pressure on hard-working families and diffusing the growing obesity timebomb is going to be both morally right and popular with the voters.

How refreshing too, to get back to policies that will help improve the quality of life of the individual, not restrict it.

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